Easter Truck Sublimation Transfer

Easter Truck Sublimation Transfer

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This listing is for a single sublimation transfer:
-Printed onto sublimation paper
-You are purchasing ONLY the sublimation transfer (shirts/substrates are NOT included)
-Measurements (sizing options) are measured by the height of this design (ie a 3" transfer will be 3" tall)
-Pressed example show in the main photo is pressed on 100% polyester fabric

-Sublimation inks will ONLY adhere to polyester - The shirt/garment must have at least a 50% polyester fabric content, though we recommend a higher polyester content for the most vibrant colors. (The pressed example is on 100% polyester fabric. Pressing the transfer onto a cotton blend will leave a more faded/vintage appearance to the design)
-You MUST press these with a heat press. Household irons & easy press type machines will NOT work
-Sublimation transfers will appear dull/darker on the transfer paper. The ink is activated by the heat, so the more vibrant colors won't show until it's pressed
-These should be pressed onto white/lighter colored fabrics. They cannot be pressed onto darker fabrics or black fabrics - the design won’t show up!
-Transfers should be pressed onto the garment at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 seconds with medium pressure. We recommend covering with butcher paper. Be mindful of fabric content as some fabrics (rayon, for example) are more prone to melting/scorching. Carefully remove the transfer paper immediately after pressing, & allow the garment to cool.
-There is NO white ink in a sub transfer - any white areas of a design will show through as the color of the garment you’re pressing onto.

***Please note that any delivery dates are *estimates* and are NOT guaranteed. We recommend allowing additional shipping time for any potential delays with USPS, as we are not responsible for any shipping delays.

We unfortunately cannot be held responsible for unfavorable results when using our sublimation transfers - we stand behind our transfers regarding paper/inks used, but you should be sure to use the correct time/temperature/pressure settings for your equipment/fabrics. Time/temperature may vary slightly depending on your setup. We cannot be held responsible for any transfers pressed incorrectly.